January 30, 2008

I haz a kitten...

A kitten has turned my brain to mush. Here's the deal:

A week and a half ago, I wandered into PetSmart just to kinda begin to decide whether maybe I was starting to be ready to perhaps think about adopting another cat. Figured I'd see what sorts of cats were up for adoption. So, there's this beautiful little 5 month old female tortoiseshell named Olive, who seems to have a very sociable, lively, yet sweet personality (i.e., she wasn't a huddled up, quivering bundle of nerves hiding in the back of her cage). Olive and I bonded a bit, and I talked for a while to the woman who's currently fostering her. Then I left and spent the rest of the day thinking about whether I was ready to replace the Goombah.

I called the next day to say I wanted Olive. She hadn't been spayed or gotten all of her shots yet, and I had family visiting from out of town the next weekend, so the plan was that I'd go back to PetSmart on the 26th for an adoption interview (they take this very seriously), then pick her up on Feb. 2nd to bring her home when we were both ready.

So, when I went back to PetSmart on the 26th for my interview, there was another very appealing little one there: A lilac oriental shorthair male named Alec, also 5 months old. He was sleek, mellow and calm, yet still sociable. And he was all ready to go home with just the right sucker, er, someone. So, my adoption interview for one cat suddenly turned into an interview for two, and my out-of-town family's entertainment that day ended up being coming over to my place to play with Alec the kitten. And I'm still picking up Olive on the 2nd to bring her home, as well.

Here I am four days later, totally enamored and unable to find time to blog, or even to think about anything meaningful. I've spent the last few days finding that mellow little Alec is a Jekyll & Hyde demon in disguise. But he's soooooo cuuuute!! To top it all off, a thread over at the Incubus forum led me to this evil place: LOLCATS.COM. So, for a while at least, this will be the most profound blogging I'm capable of---

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Anonymous said...

I was never a cat-person, until my wife and daughter brought a cute little kitten home, one night. Their sneaky little coup worked perfectly and I have been living under Snoki's dictatorship, ever since. Cats rule. Literally.

I see your lolcats and I raise you one www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com