May 8, 2005

Route 50 Road Trip: Day 8, Colorado Part II

Morning in Gunnison, CO, finds me a bit groggy. I'm wondering whether the headache I have is due to altitude or to having woken up ravenously hungry. Breakfast has been a quest, though, thanks to all the folks in town for Western's graduation. Tried to go to Bean, the funky coffee house mentioned at the Road Trip USA website, but the sidewalk outside was packed with people waiting to get in. The two deli-type places on either side were also crammed. So I drove back down the street to the Quarter Circle Restaurant, a family joint across from the motel. Still had to wait for a table, but I've got high expectations for the revivifying effects of their silver dollar pancakes.

See Day 9, Colorado to Utah, for more notes and photos from Day 8.

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