April 13, 2009

Intarwebs intarvention

Hi, my name is Kali and I'm an addict. Yesterday, I blew off an incredibly lovely, albeit windy, spring afternoon by succumbing to the lure of the intarwebs. I said I would just sit down and quickly check my e-mail. Two message boards, Facebook, a bunch of blogs, and several RSS feeds later, it was less than an hour before sunset and I also had housework to do. I may be (hopefully) keeping my brain sharp with all of this stuff, but the body's getting soft and that just won't do.

It's time to impose some limits. I won't be going away entirely, as there are too many people around the web that I've connected with and I want to maintain those connections. But I also need to find a better balance between time on-line and time doing all the other stuff that rounds out one's life. So, to anyone to whom I currently owe a reply-- please be patient, it's going to take me even longer than usual to get back to you.

As for you, intarwebs... It's not goodbye, it's just au revoir.


birds fly said...

Well, I sympathize and understand, but will definitely miss your words. Certainly this time of year is not one where you want to be chained to the computer!

Groover said...

Good move! I was forced-fought into this step by Alberto (constant nagging about my computer time eventually broke me) and I agreed to rehab. I'm eternally grateful for his intervention now. Happy balance - it's like with everything else in life. But I can still feel the urge sometimes. It's not easy to come off this drug so be prepared for relapses. :-)

birds fly said...

Owens Creek doesn't open for another couple of weeks. We camped across the road at Houck, which was pretty nice, with the noted exception of certain other campers. Of course I would've been in heaven had the place been deserted, but you just can't expect that from car camping. Have you been getting out and about more?