April 10, 2010

I love all the little things

Have I mentioned before my love of simple little connections?  No?  Well, it gets a little silly sometimes, but what can ya do...  The other week or so, I stumbled across (tumbl'd across?) a photo that's apparently Jack White with a bicycle.  Hard to tell since you can't see much of his face, but the fact that this photo graced the cover of The White Stripes' 2005 UK cd single for Denial Twist seems to imply that it is indeed Jack.  (There's another version that does show his face, but I couldn't find a larger image.)

The clipless shoe/pedal combination indicates that he is (was?) a more or less "serious" cyclist, too. Yet the skater-style helmet and black'n'white shorts over cycling tights are touches that would seem to be distinctly Jack.  Not to mention the red pedals on that sleek black bike. 

Does it make me silly to get a kick out of knowing that Jack White's possibly also into bikes?  If it does, so what.  Sometimes it's the little things that get us through the day.

You might think that I'd link this up to Denial Twist, but you'd be wrong...

I'm slowly turning into you
but you don't know this
to be true
You say I'm lying and I never really
tell you the truth
But your face is getting older
So put your head on my shoulder
Yeah, put your head on my shoulder

Yesterday it hit me that I do
all the little things
that you do
Except those same little things
that you do
are annoying
They're annoying as hell in fact
It kind of struck a little bell in fact
I like to keep my little shell intact

And I'm slowly turning into you

Then something else came to mind
and that was the mirror
It made everything clearer
That you are more beautiful,
compelling and stronger
It didn't take much longer
just for me to realize
I love all the little things
and the beauty that they're gonna bring

I dig your little laugh
and I'm loving your quick wit
I even love it when you're faking it!
And it might sound a little strange
for me to say to you
but I'm proud to be you

And I'm slowly turning into you

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