November 8, 2010

Another jackpot

Found this little beauty out in the woods yesterday.  Same place where I wandered a few weeks ago, but in a different area, away from the junk piles and remnants of old human habitations.  This was deeper in the woods along a little-used, partially overgrown trail, sitting on a moss-covered log as if someone had left it there just for me...

Raccoon.  It's missing it's right incisor and one of the front teeth on that side keeps slipping out, but aside from that it's in perfect condition. 

Am I greedy for snatching it up and slipping it in my pocket, rather than leaving it there the way the person before me did?  I'm not much of a collector, but this is definitely the sort of thing I covet.  


The Crow said...

What a treasure! Lucky you that the people before you didn't see the wonder and pick it up to revel in at home, on those days when you can't get out.

I would have done the exact same thing, KD, give the opportunity.

KaliDurga said...

It is luck, of a sort. I could have also been looking in the other direction and not even seen it as I walked by. Followed the pirate's motto in this case, I guess-- Grab treasures when you can ;)