July 19, 2011

On the bat's back I do fly after summer merrily...

Seems there's another hiatus going on around here.  No slump this time, though, rather the opposite.  Just haven't been indoors or at the computer enough (except at work) to compose anything.  If you have been, then heed the words of Ariel and get the hell up and out... 

Where the bee sucks, there suck I;
In a cowslip's bell I lie;
There I couch when owls do cry.
On the bat's back I do fly
After summer merrily.
Merrily, merrily shall I live now
Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.

- Shakespeare, The Tempest



Story teller said...

Hope you will be back soon.
What flower is that?

KaliDurga said...

Ah, thank you, Story teller. You've been fairly quiet lately, too, I'd love to know what you've been reading and watching.

Unfortunately, I don't know the flower. The only place I've seen it is around that particular reservoir, but I should put the effort into researching what it is.