August 1, 2014

Confessions of a Jack White junkie: Introduction

In all the time I've had this blog, I've only ever had one negative comment, to wit:

Jesus Christ. More stupid ramblings of a freakish Jack White fangirl. Will you ever shut the fuck up about Jack fucking White? Do you ever listen, watch, think, say, or do anything that can't be tied to Jack fucking White in some fucking way? Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. Geeshie Wiley? Jack White! Keith Richards? Jack White! Charlie Chan? Jack White! We get it: you're fucking obsessed! You seem to think that verbosity and mind-numbing analysis of every little mundane detail somehow separates you from the other fangirls. Well, it doesn't. You're a fucking drone. Shut the fuck up already. Thanks.

At the time, I was dismissive of it because I realize that person's issue is really with themselves, not with my writing.  But right now, what I'd like to say to that person is this-- Fuck you. I write about Jack White because discovering his music four years ago caused a sea-change in my life.  Foremost, it's made me come to experience music in a completely different way.  My musical choices have become like a vast solar system, with his music as the Sun and everything else I listen to now a collection of planets, moons, asteroids, and satellites radiating out from him. Some are related to him directly, some tangentially, and others seemingly not at all but discovered through connections to him.  The way I listen to music has also evolved and become enriched, which I've written about before, because he compels me to pay more attention to what I hear, to learn about it and understand it.  Surprisingly, this more cerebral approach has caused me to feel the music I listen to more profoundly.  And, possibly most importantly, because of him I have a wider circle of friends right now than I've ever had in my life, people I've met through social networking sites dedicated to him, and then spent hours and hours in lines and at the front of the stage with. People with whom I've shared some deeply emotional experiences.

Because of all this, I write about Jack White.  If that or my verbosity annoy you, my anonymous troll commenter, then fucking stop reading my fucking blog and fucking go find yourself a different fucking corner of the internet in which to spew your fucking ire.  Because I'm going to continue writing about Jack fucking White.

For anyone who's still interested, stick around.  Jack's currently on tour and the roller-coaster ride is about to begin.

Part 1: Stage AE, Pittsburgh PA

Part 2: Fox Theater, Detroit MI

Part III: Masonic Temple, Detroit MI

Part 4: Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco CA

Part 5: Paramount Theater, Seattle WA

Part 6: Farm Aid, Columbia MD, and Cleveland OH

Part 7: Fenway Park, Boston MA

Part 8: The Fillmore, Miami Beach FL

Part 9: Austin Music Hall, Austin TX

Part 10: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville TN 

Part 11: Madison Square Garden, NY

Part 12: Schottenstein Center, Columbus OH  

Part 13: Fargo Theater acoustic show, Fargo ND


Anonymous said...


LOVE US!!!!!!!!

KaliDurga said...

Hahaha!!! I believe I recognize this particular "anonymous" troll.

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt! See you in The Little Room!

KaliDurga said...

Thanks! See you there, too, whoever you are... said...

I always feel sorry for anyone who can't relate to other people being passionate about something.

Even if something isn't my personal taste, I feel connected to anybody who has artists who are that important to their world.

KaliDurga said...

Exactly. Everyone should have something that moves and inspires them, and it's sad that those who do take such a risk in making their passion known. I feel very fortunate to know so many people who share mine.

Shawnte said...

Jack White in unexpected places:
I went to the Small Press Distribution website to see if my book was in stock yet and I did see a photo of it, but it was right next to a photo of Jack!
Apparently I never realized that he started that Third Man Books project. Sounds very cool.

KaliDurga said...

I see you next to him! Terrific little surprise, Shawnte. I need to check out both your book and the new set from Third Man. Third Man Books started out with publishing small items in Vault packages, but this Language Lessons set is apparently the beginning of bigger plans.

Shawnte said...

I admit that I geeked out for a moment about having my book next to an article on him. Hahaha. How often will i ever get to see something like that!
I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for what's going on with Third Man Books.

suttree said...

Yeah, I agree. Fuck the fucking fucker ya'll.

Anonymous said...

says a musician: "Being a fan is a fulfilling experience & if anyone tries to make you feel dumb for loving something, they probably aren't having much fun."

(great blog.)

KaliDurga said...

Thank you very much, whomever you are (Torres, perhaps?). That's an excellent quote, I'll need to remember it.