May 22, 2008

Anniversary of a road-trip

Three years ago this month I accomplished one of the few goals I've had in life (goals beyond that of just having a good life, that is). I drove across the U.S. along rural Route 50, from one coast (almost) to the other. It was a terrific adventure that left me craving more. Additional trips have been in the planning stages since then (most specifically, cruising the west coast along Route 1), but have yet to come to fruition. Maybe one day.

Until then, I'll continue re-living this one periodically. I created a website at the time as a journal of the trip, but now, in remembrance, I'm posting it here. The first day or two are up as of this evening, and the rest will be added a day or two at a time over the coming week. To check it out, just click on the label below for Route 50, or navigate through the 2005 entries in the Contents section over there to the right. Enjoy!

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