May 2, 2008

Reality check

Yesterday I read the latest post over at, in which Fatty (Elden Nelson) gives an update of his wife Susan's ongoing battle with cancer. Like so many other folks who commented on that post, I sat at my desk at work and felt my eyes well up with tears for two complete strangers whose lives I read about on the internet. Then last night, after posting my own latest blog, I thought about all the self-indulgent, self-absorbed whining I've done here on the 'net. I live a fairly peaceful, contented life, going to work, then going out to ride my bike or otherwise enjoy myself. Really, my life's so good that it's surprising that I'm as inclined as I am to pissed-off, depressed tailspins. After a short bit of wallowing, I come right back out of those moods and get on with things, but still, compared to Susan and Elden, wtf do I have to be pissed-off and depressed about? Susan Nelson leaves me humbled.

I'm sure I'll still post my usual rambling, self-pitying crap here from time to time (hell, this particular post is annoyingly self-obsessed). This blog's unfortunately my best outlet for those feelings. But Fatty's words served as a sharp reminder that I've got a lot for which to be grateful, and that people of Susan's ilk make any suffering I experience seem like small potatoes.

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