August 23, 2009

Spreading the Twitter meme...

Jim over at Unholy Rouleur has sucked me into Twitter-land. I still don't have an account and don't plan on posting any "twits" of my own, but I ended up first chuckling, then giggling, then practically guffawing out loud as I read back through this guy's posts (Be warned. To say the guy is irreverent is putting it lightly).

One more freaking intarwebs waste of time in my RSS feed.


The Crow said...

Fireland is so funny, I've added him to my writers file. Good grief, where does he get that stuff?


Story teller said...

I simply hate twitter.

KaliDurga said...

I wouldn't say I hate Twitter, I just don't get it. But I do love bizarre humor.

Storyteller, I need to get back to your comments about Henry Miller. Unfortunately, life (and stupid crap around the internet) keeps getting in the way.

Story teller said...

I don't mind the humour, but most of the twitters detail such mundane occurances that it is simply sad.
I am not particularly fond of SMS lingo either. I think it reduces communication and expression to a state that it mocks itself.
I love using techknology, I just updated my internet banking account, but I always think can we do without this, and Twitter we certainly can do without.
Of course it is a matter of preference.

Story teller said...

PS. I am glad you say " life (and stupid crap around the internet)" and not "life, which is the stupid crap around the internet."

KaliDurga said...

Oh, I fully agree with you about the general idiocy of Twitter. I often have the same issue with Facebook. What people choose to post often amazes me (though that is certainly a subjective call, and I'm sure many folks who stumble across this blog find it nothing but drivel). But when someone approaches something like Twitter as an opportunity to stretch their imagination, then it elevates that technology above the mundane. Everyone else's "twits" pale in comparison.

And life is most definitely more than the internet. As addicted as I am, it's still nothing more than an entertaining diversion and an incredibly useful resource. Life is all those things that are talked about around the internet.